Game Gemz is a premium game list, listing games since May 1, 2021. We list triple-a releases on their launch day, indie releases have to wait a day because we have to manually check for their quality and confirm if they actually came out.

Note; we provide by no means a complete list nor do we want to. Entries may vanish or be added to expired dates at later times. This is because we strive to become a collection of good to truly amazing games. The older the entry, the safer you should be, you are looking at some kind of gem in its genre.

Please keep in mind, we are prone to human error. Did you find a broken game? Is your favorite missing or a video not starting? Do you have feedback or did you just highly dislike a game and think it should not be listed on a premium games list? Please, feel free to contact us. Your help is highly appreciated.

Thank you, for your attention and we wish you a lot of fun with all the gemz of games you will encounter here or/and everywhere else.

Sincerely, your GMs (Gemz Masters)

NOTICE [6.13.2021]

We are still in the process of launching. A lot of stuff is in change and unpolished, therefore you may encounter bugs from time to time. Please be patient with us.



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